Alliance Automotive Group Benelux

Distribution and sale of automotive parts and accessories

Welcome to Alliance Automotive Group Benelux! Enter the dynamic world of the automotive aftermarket, which has been flourishing for years. We’re an international company, specialized in the distribution and sale of automotive parts and accessories. Alliance Automotive Group Benelux owns various brands, franchises and chains in this competitive and specialized field, which is increasingly operating in an international context. Alliance Automotive Group Benelux is based in Ede, the Netherlands.

Driver of progress

AAG Benelux is responsible for a number of renowned companies. The largest of these are the wholesale chains Alliance Automotive Trading, PartsPoint and Precisium. Alliance Automotive Group Benelux is at the forefront of market-driven advances, such as upscaling; AAG Benelux’ healthy position is underpinned by volume and purchasing power. We will continue to consolidate our position over the next few years to maintain our leading role into the future.

In recent years, we’ve made many courageous, visionary and decisive moves, as evidenced by our substantial investments. These include the expansion of our parts depots that supply the 130 PartsPoint sales outlets and 60 Alliance Automotive Trading wholesaler sites. Alliance Automotive Group Benelux’ professional market approach and its continuous investments in its international services has ensured the company has played a leading role in the automotive aftermarket for many years.

AAG Benelux is part of Alliance Automotive Group, a leading distributor of automotive parts to the independent aftermarket in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

About Alliance Automotive Group

AAG is an important player in the logistics supply chain of automotive and commercial vehicle parts in various European markets. The company has invested in both organic growth and external acquisition to expand its operational areas to more than half of the European market for aftermarket products. After AAG was taken over by Genuine Parts Company (GPC) in 2017, it became part of the largest automotive parts company in the world.

AAG in the Automotive Aftermarket

AAG has invested in infrastructure at the national, regional and local level in response to the needs of the independent aftermarket (IAM) for rapid, reliable logistics. Independent repairers now enjoy incredibly fast access to a massive range of high-quality automotive parts, allowing them to carry out maintenance and repairs on customers’ vehicles with a minimum of delay. As the leading European distributor of parts for the IAM, AAG is using its extensive network to the full to supply high-quality automotive materials.

AAG is the owner or majority shareholder of various purchasing groups, online stores, parts suppliers and independent distributors that sell parts to companies in the IAM network. These companies operate at every level of the distribution chain. They link suppliers of parts through national and regional distribution centers to repairers and wholesalers’ sales outlets, serving more than 30,000 garages, car dealerships and auto repair shops throughout Europe.