Staadegaard TC

Staadegaard TC has acquired a reputation over the years for its wide range, competitive pricing and customer-oriented approach. In 2014, Staadegaard TC became part of Alliance Automotive Group Benelux. Concepts that were originally separate (Staadegaard Automotive and TC-Technische Centrale) have now been integrated into AAG Benelux as a single organization with the name Staadegaard TC.


Staadegaard TC’s teams of motivated employees at more than 34 branches across the Dutch provinces of Noord-Brabant, Gelderland and Overijssel work day in day out on making sure customers enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction.

It would be fair to describe Staadegaard TC as a supplier of absolutely everything, a one-stop-shop where universal car companies, brand dealers, taxi companies and fleet owners can go for a wide range of products, competitive prices, customer-oriented automation, logistics, service and support. Partnership is the key word here: partnership with customers, as well as partnership with manufacturers and importers. This results in strong alliances, from which car companies can benefit in the fields of logistics, knowledge, training and marketing, among others. Staadegaard TC uses AAG Benelux’ purchasing power and logistics infrastructure, and has been able to optimize its purchasing and logistics as a result.

Staadegaard TC’s aim is helping its customers and suppliers advance, move forward, which explains why ‘Move Forward!’ is such an appropriate slogan for Staadegaard TC.